The B.I.Z. is essentially an association of business people, within a defined commercial/residential area, who join together to promote their collective interests. The basis of these collective interests stem from sharing a common geographical location, promoting a healthy business environment, and directing positive change in the community where necessary.

Currently, there are sixteen (16) B.I.Z. groups operating in the City of Winnipeg. A management board elected by the membership, directs each B.I.Z. This Management Board prepares an Annual Program, Budget, and Zone Levy rate for the B.I.Z. which requires the approval of the B.I.Z. membership at its Annual General Meeting (AGM). Subsequently, this package is forwarded to City Council for its approval. The City then collects the Zone Levy as part of the regular business tax and returns the Zone Levy portion to the B.I.Z. to be spent in accordance with the approved program.

Welcome to Old St. Vital Business Improvement Zone

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