The Old St. Vital Business Improvement Zone (OSVB) is an association of business people, within a defined commercial/residential area, who joined together to promote their collective interests. The Old St. Vital BIZ undertakes improvements in the zone, promotes the business community through physical enhancement, summer and winter beautification, graffiti removal, marketing initiatives and special projects/grants. The zone consists of approximately 150 businesses.

Taking Care of the Zone since 1996!

Taking Care of the Zone since 1996!

The Old St. Vital BIZ was established in 1996 and has flourished for more than 26 years. We create a pleasant and a well-maintained environment for customers and staff of all businesses, by investing our efforts and funds in seasonal decorations, flowers in the summer, festive ornamental lights in the winter.The Old St. Vital BIZ is one of the oldest historical destinations, with a breathtaking Bridge Outlook, a vibrant community and unique businesses. The Old St. Vital BIZ was the first BIZ zone that started planting flowers and hanging baskets.We take care of electronic signage, lighting, hanging flower baskets, planters, bicycle racks, murals and public art object maintenance.


One of the zone’s focal points is the Watershed at the junction of St. Anne’s and St. Mary’s roads in the heart of Old St. Vital.

The Watershed was commissioned by the Winnipeg Arts Council in collaboration with the Old St. Vital BIZ as part of the redevelopment of the transit plaza at the intersection of St. Anne’s and St. Mary’s. The planters and river-lot paving pick up on existing Old St. Vital BIZ streetscape elements. The trees, shrubs, grasses and annuals provide a soft backdrop for the corner. This naturalization enhances and complements the public art.


Old St. Vital BIZ Map

Geographically, it encompasses businesses starting in the north at Carriere Avenue and running south to Hull Avenue, bordered by the Seine & Red Rivers on the east and west.

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